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Presbyterian Beliefs

Though it is a strong tradition in the Presbyterian Church USA heritage to never list “beliefs” that everyone must agree to, there are some understandings that guide our beliefs. These come from the Book of Order, from the Book of Confessions, from Reformed theologians like John Calvin and Scripture.

We believe that God is God of all life, not just the Church. No aspect of private or public life is beyond God’s care or concern. (John Calvin) Our church is in the world…not a world in itself.

We are called to proclaim that God’s will for the salvation of the world through Jesus Christ, crucified and risen from the dead, is good news for all humanity.

Because we believe that God alone is Lord of the conscience of each human being, we support democratic forms of expression.

The ministry of our membership is important to us, believing that God works through members as well as ministers. God calls women and men to service, choosing and blessing each of us for a particular journey of faith.

In response to and in gratitude for God’s grace, we serve God — having ever before us the choice of being channels of God’s grace to others through the power of the Holy Spirit.

God’s word, found in the Old and New Testaments, gives witness to God’s saving activity in the world throughout human history. The Bible informs what we believe and teaches us how we are to live in the world.

The experience of the Risen Christ in our individual lives and in the story of our faith community, coupled with God’s word, is the source of our belief. What we Presbyterians believe and do is directed toward one goal:  to honor God.

We Presbyterians are Reformed. . . and by the power of the Spirit always just about to be reformed.